The Academy


In New Brunswick and around the world, we are seeing and experiencing complex social challenges. Social and environmental unsustainability show up in our society as homelessness, gender inequality, economic insecurity and an increasing severity and occurrence of natural disasters. We need to be able to react to these complex challenges in ways that will have a positive impact. The Academy looks to build a critical mass of changemakers in New Brunswick - individuals who will impact their communities, which will change the social landscape of New Brunswick, and eventually ripple out into the world. We hope to inspire in you an appetite for innovation and connection through the processes, mental models and methodologies of Social Labs.

The Academy Journey

The NouLAB Academy journey is iterative and each of the elements of the program are interdependent and develop in parallel with each other. Your teams will be encouraged to build onto your learning and reflect back on previous work to ensure that it is integrated. This learning will come from sharing diverse perspectives with the other members of your team, and better understanding the system in which the problem exists – through exploration, data, research and talking directly to stakeholders.

The intention of the Academy is the build capacity through participation in a facilitated social lab process. By going through the process of working on a complex problem, you will learn about the nature of social innovation as well as some potential next steps for tackling your challenge.  The goal is to enable the your team to communicate the importance of your challenge and to ask for further support for development of prototypes or other initiatives that were uncovered throughout the process.


Do you feel like you’re ahead of the curve in your organisation? Do you consider yourself an early adopter of the newest trends in social innovation? Do you know of others across disciplines who would be willing to work with you on an issue that matters? Then we invite you to apply for the Academy!

We’re looking for teams resolved to work around a common issue in order to test and learn from the lab process. You might be in government, a post-secondary institution, a non-profit or community organisation, or the private sector.


In a new format for 2018 the entire Academy will be held at the Richibucto River Resort. Inspired by Google Sprint methodology, teams will arrive with a challenge pre-developed and the NouLAB team will equip them with new approaches to solving that challenge. The immersive experience will allow teams to dive deep on what needs to change to make rapid improvements to their issue. The connections made during NouLAB processes have proven invaluable to improving how business and government connect and work.

Academy participants will leave with a ‘toolkit for change’, filled with methods and resources, as well as a community of practice, new perspectives, ideas and mental models and a prototyping mindset.

Over the five days, participants will have the chance to:

  • Learn from experienced practitioners in the field of social labs and social innovation

  • Explore different participatory practices and methodologies

  • Learn about the theory behind this field of work

  • Experiment with different activities and theories of change

  • Work on a problem important to them with other engaged stakeholders

By the end of the NouLAB Academy you will have:

  • An improved understanding of the problem you are facing, and new ideas for addressing specific issues that are part of the problem.

  • A pitch/presentation to communicate the importance of your challenge and to ask for further support for development of prototypes or other initiatives that were uncovered throughout the process.

  • Plans for new field research and increased capacity to ask questions and collect information about the problem

  • A new framework based on systems thinking, user centered design and multi-stakeholder approach to tackling problems.

After the Academy, NouLAB will be a continued resource for prototypes that move forward.

Past Cohorts