Who we are

Core team


Team Principles

We embody a culture of learning:

  • We recognise that we are in a practice

  • We have a prototyping mindset

  • We capture our learning to share with others

  • We are responsive designers

  • We are always willing to question our work

  • We respect trying, failing and learning on the job

  • We name tensions and work with them to work through them

  • We communicate with each other through various means (and memes)

We practice autonomy:

  • We self organise

  • We have a culture of accountability with flexible schedules

  • We are intrapreneurial - we take ownership of what needs to be done

Inward looking:

  • We work in teams, with mates 

  • We meet face to face

  • We meet in circle

  • We try for equal voice

  • We value self-awareness, we aren’t controlled by ego 

  • We laugh together

  • We have a shared purpose and are purpose driven

Outward looking:

  • We foster community by actively taking part in it

  • We seek to build capacity in this work in those interested

  • We seek to steward relationships with the land and all people

  • We value environmental and social sustainability