New Brunswick’s Social and Public Innovation Lab


Making the change process smarter



We help the public and innovators act together to address our most pressing social, environmental, and economic challenges. By connecting change agents from across sectors, convening them around pressing issues, and facilitating their journey to deep change, NouLAB helps participants get to the root of complex issues.


A province that has the tools to collectively foster ideas and empower individuals to reshape our communities into places where we all want to live. 


To provide pathways in which we, together, explore ideas and test solutions to complex challenges. 



Economic Immigration Lab


We have convened a social lab to spark action on Immigration and Economic Development in New Brunswick. With the actions developed we aim to move forward with new strategies and ideas to lead us, as a province, into the coming decades.



Académie NouLAB 2019


For more information on the Académie 2019 (offered in French in January), click here.


"We act like systems in creating large system problems, but we act like individuals in trying to solve them.”

Eric Trist

British scientist, Founder of the Tavistock Institute for Social Research in London



What Makes Us Different?



Inspired by MaRS Solutions Lab and GovLab methodologies, NouLAB first convenes the knowledge of diverse stakeholders who understand our greatest challenges; then facilitates a process of problem framing, systems mapping, research, experimentation, and scaling successes; and, finally, connects innovators with influencers. These activities make the change process quicker, smarter, and more sustainable.

FRAMING the challenge

Let’s not jump to solutions. We promise, we’ll get there, but time and again we build solutions to problems we don’t fully understand. NouLAB helps lab teams intricately understand their challenges so they can be smarter about how they intervene.


Lab teams take an iterative approach to intervening on the challenges they want to address. By understanding, acting, learning, and adjusting, lab teams start small and scale interventions using an iterative model.


Lab teams are made up of diverse change agents and citizens from the private sector, public sector, social sector and academia. The teams work collectively to understand the nature of their challenge from multiple perspectives, and design, create, and test interventions together, always working towards scale and always learning.


NouLAB is designed to address public challenges. Challenges that affect many, and ones that no single party or institution can solve alone. The status quo isn’t working so we need to act differently. We exist to be a trusted, neutral convener of the change process and care most about changing our legacy systems to get the most desirable outcomes. NouLAB offers the space and process to do this.