NouLAB Academy 2016/17


Team Members

Gisele Ferguson

Director of Nursing and Operations, Villa Providence Shediac Inc.

Sylvio Allain

Member, Adagio-seniors

Delma Brideau

Assistant Secretary, Adagio-seniors

Annette Johnson

Member, Adagio-seniors

Jeanne Brideau

Founder and Director, Adagio-seniors

Jamie Howie

Program Consultants, Social Development GNB

Laurie Young

Coordinator - Wellness Branch, Social Development(GNB)

Healthy Aging Team

As the demographic landscape changes, the need for collaboration and integration between generations becomes more important. However, negative stereotypes often hinder this process and the consequences can lead to seniors’ abuse, exclusion and ill health. It is in the interest of everyone: policy makers, educators, academics, caregivers, professionals, the media as well as seniors themselves to acknowledge that ageism calls for a change in attitude. Respect  for seniors'  opinions as well as their positive contribution to society are summoned. New Brunswickers are working together to meet the challenge and to shift the paradigm on ageing from a mostly negative viewpoint to a win-win situation for the community as a entity.

Ageism influences the way society perceives elders. Education provides a process whereby perceptions are modified. Intergenerational projects, within an educational framework,  can contribute to mutual understanding and cooperation between the senior community and students. The Adagio-seniors' Team aims to co-create an intergenerational project, as well as to provide a framework for such projects based on objectives within the curriculum.

To contact the Healthy Aging team, please e-mail Jeanne Brideau

Gender Equality Team

How can we work together to ensure capable, qualified women are rising to leadership roles in the emerging tech sectors in New Brunswick?

To contact the Gender Equality team, please e-mail Beth Lyons.


Team Members

Nelly Dennene

Directrice, Regroupement féministe du Nouveau-Brunswick

Beth Lyons

Executive Director, New Brunswick Women's Council

Reid Estey

Acting Vice President - People, Culture, and Finance, Alcool NB Liquor (ANBL)

Lorraine Whalley

Executive Director, Fredericton Sexual Assault Centre

Mary-Clare White

Senior Advisor, Policy and Strategic Initiatives - Executive Council Office, Province of New Brunswick