NouLAB helps organisations and multi-stakeholder groups move forward in their work and in the problems they are addressing in their everyday work. NouLAB Consulting Services employ a unique process that involves bringing together diverse stakeholders around a common issue, creating an environment conducive to innovation and experimentation, and developing tools and ideas to help move the organisation(s) forward.         

NouLAB can plan and facilitate 2 to 5 day workshops customized to the client’s needs. Within this short period, NouLAB can help you to develop:

  • A common definition of the problem

  • A shared vision of where to go

  • Tools for a working group to prototype solutions

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Service Design

With experience developing prototypes ranging from immigration services to literacy support programming. NouLAB has trained researchers that are able to go deep on what will make material difference.

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Our long-term engagements on projects come in the form a Social Lab. This work includes bringing together multi-stakeholder groups and hosting them through a process of team building, ideation, design and prototyping. The teams are then supported through the development of their projects. Our current long-term lab is the Economic Immigration Lab. Another example is our work with Inspiring Communities on the Between the Bridges housing lab in Dartmouth North.

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