Amanda Hachey

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Amanda’s strengths are in facilitation, public engagement, systems thinking, sustainability, and process design. She believes that in order to solve our biggest problems we need to 1) understand them from diverse perspectives – to see the whole system, 2) we need to listen to each other with curiosity and an open mind and 3) we need to experiment. NouLAB is the convenor of the processes to dig into root causes, innovate lasting solutions, and to change the way we tackle big problems.

Amanda has over 10 years’ experience in facilitating innovative experiences for small and large stakeholder groups. She has been with NouLAB since the early days, building the team and co-developing the programming. Her previous experience with the Energy Futures Lab at the Natural Step Canada gave her a head start in getting the lab movement started in New Brunswick. She is known for her innovative approach to hosting meaningful conversations within stakeholder groups, applying systems thinking, design thinking and prototyping.

Amanda has Bachelor of Business Administration from University of New Brunswick Saint John and a Master’s in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability from the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden. Amanda is the principal and founder of Aha Ventures.

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