Economic Immigration Lab Application Form

We are pleased that you are interested in participating in the third round of the Economic Immigration Lab (EIL). Applications are for teams of 4-6 members and each team member should submit an application.

*Note: Team members should use the same responses for the problem-related questions.

We are specifically looking for potential solutions to the following problem statements:

  1. How might we help the NB IT Industry in leveraging international recruitment to fulfill their unmet talent needs?

  2. How might we help small businesses (50 employees and under) use immigration as a recruitment strategy to fulfill their unmet needs for high skilled employees (e.g., senior management and director-level?

  3. How might we help employers in rural communities recruit and retain talent?

  4. How might we help international students graduating in NB find meaningful work?

We would like to know more about you, your team, the immigration challenge you are addressing, and how you will take this forward after EIL.

By the end of the EIL you will:

  • Develop cross sector relationships

  • Make connections with the right people to create change

  • Prototype potential solutions

  • Contribute to create the change that is critical to NB’s future prosperity

  • Gain professional development experience in an innovative lab approach

NouLAB will provide coaching and support for development of prototypes following the lab workshop experience.

Lab will be held in a 5 day sprint format in Moncton between May 13th - 17th.

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(Rural immigration, Francophone immigration, Support for Employers, Supporting Newcomers, High Skilled Labour attraction, Low Skilled Labour Attraction, International Students, Community Acceptance of Newcomers, other, etc.) Please specify what your particular areas of interest are.
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My willingness and ability to collaborate successfully with others is a recognized skill of mine.
My peers consider me as an innovator.
My ability to influence change in the domains relevant to this problem is high.
My openness to new ideas and taking on risk is high.
I successfully execute/implement new ideas.
Travel will be required, the workshop locations will be determined based on the location of participants. Will travel to workshops be a barrier for you?
I give express permission to the Pond-Deshpande Centre at the University of New Brunswick and NBSPRN to add me to their contact lists/contact me for future programs, opportunities and events. *
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