NouLAB is passionate about helping organisations and multi-stakeholder groups move forward in their work and in the problems they are addressing in their everyday work. NouLAB Consulting Services employ a unique process that involves bringing together diverse stakeholders around the common issue, creating an environment conducive to innovation and experimentation, and developing tools and ideas to help move the organisation(s) forward.         

NouLAB can plan and facilitate 2 to 5 day workshops customized to the client needs. Within this short period, NouLAB can help you to develop:

  • A common definition of the problem
  • A shared vision of where to go
  • Tools for working group to prototype solutions

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Team Principles

We embody a culture of learning:

  • We recognise that we are in a practice

  • We have a prototyping mindset

  • We capture our learning to share with others

  • We are responsive designers

  • We are always willing to question our work

  • We respect trying, failing and learning on the job

  • We name tensions and work with them to work through them

  • We communicate with each other through various means (and memes)

We practice autonomy:

  • We self organise

  • We have a culture of accountability with flexible schedules

  • We are intrapreneurial - we take ownership of what needs to be done

Inward looking:

  • We work in teams, with mates 

  • We meet face to face

  • We meet in circle

  • We try for equal voice

  • We value self-awareness, we aren’t controlled by ego 

  • We laugh together

  • We have a shared purpose and are purpose driven

Outward looking:

  • We foster community by actively taking part in it

  • We seek to build capacity in this work in those interested

  • We seek to steward relationships with the land and all people

  • We value environmental and social sustainability